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Domestic management challenges are a hot topic amongst working women. Often women have the daunting and impossible task of juggling a demanding job with family and household chores. This challenge is compounded with the unreliability and lack of training of some domestic helpers.
Businesses also face similar challenges where they find their attention diverted from doing what is their key discipline to managing their office or business cleaning and the cleaning staff.  
Mop ‘n Shop emerges out of the backdrop of this observation. We recognise the enormity of the challenges faced by South African families and businesses. We have therefore identified the potential for a diversified domestic solutions business; that is suitably structured and resourced to facilitate solutions for these perceived challenges.
Mop ‘n Shop seeks to establish itself as a formidable player in the following disciplines of domestic management:
§  A full domestic solution (daily / monthly offering)
§  Recruitment of domestic personnel
§  Training: CPR ; first aid; & domestic application
§  School & work transfer solution
§  Business cleaning services

§  Domestic errands




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Registered Name: Ze-zizipho Entertainment & Projects cc | Trading as: Mop ‘n Shop | Reg No.  2008/057046/23  

Postal and Physical Address: 106 The Bridles, Douglas Crescent, Sundowner, 2161

Mobile: 078 460 6779| Email:
Managing Member: U Ndlovu

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